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About Administration

Administration of Český Kras Protected Landscape Area was designated by a Ministry of Culture order (No. 4947/1972) on April 12th 1972.

The area is 12 823 ha in total and at present covers two districts (Beroun, Praha-západ) and part of Prague 5 district. It covers 41 land registry territories in total, out of which 12 are fully included in the PLA. These areas are administered by 37 municipalities and by 2 urban district councils.

The main objects of the PLA conservation are all valuable landscape elements, landscape character, typical features and natural resources and environmental planning. Eighteen small-scale protected areas (total area: 2702 ha) have been designated up to now for protection of unique qualities.

Address and contacts

Správa CHKO Český kras
(Administration of Český kras PLA)
Karlštejn 85
267 18
Phone: +420 311 681 713
Phone/Fax: +420 311 681 023
E-mail: ceskras@ + suffix

Office hours

Monday 8.30 a.m. - 12 and 1 - 4 .30 p.m and Wednesday 8 a.m. - 12 and 1 - 2 .30 p.m

In other days arrange a meeting with an officer.

The registry is open on working days 8 a. m. - 12, 1 - 3 p. m.

Organizational chart of the Administration




RNDr. František Pojer

Director of the Administration

Ing. Tomáš Urban

Deputy-director of the Administration, landscape character assessment

Ing. Irena Hausmannová

Building industry

Ing. Vojen Ložek

Management plans, IT, nature trails, bicycle tracks, webpages editor

Josef Mottl

Forest management, subsidy entitlements regarding forest

Mgr. Hana Hofmeisterová

NATURA 2000, landscape character assessment

Ing. Ondřej Šimunek

Agriculture - subsidy entitlements, territorial system of ecological stability, Filing

Mgr. Tomáš Tichý

Botany, conservation of protected areas, NATURA 2000

Jaroslav Veselý

Zoology (vertebrates), exception as for protected animals

Mgr. Lucie Hrůzová

Zoology (invertebrates), NATURA 2000

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PLA Administration Český kras


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